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A massive antenna in China can use Earth itself to send signals to submarines thousands ...

Business Insider 03 Dec 2021
The extremely low frequency (ELF) facility can generate electromagnetic waves from 0.1 to 300Hz. These radio waves can travel great distances both underwater and below ground ... An ELF signal is difficult to generate because its wave can be wider than a continent ... The health effects of ELF waves have been debated for decades.

Artificial material protects light states on smallest length scales

Phys Dot Org 03 Dec 2021
Scientists at Paderborn University have now demonstrated the spatial confinement of a light wave to a point smaller than the wavelength in a topological photonic crystal ... Photonic crystals influence the propagation of electromagnetic waves with the help of an optical band gap for photons, which blocks the movement of light in certain directions.

Molecular device turns infrared into visible light

Phys Dot Org 02 Dec 2021
Light is an electromagnetic wave ... Every wave is characterized by its frequency, which refers to the number of oscillations per second, measured in Hertz (Hz) ... Turning infrared into visible light ... The breakthrough is published in Science ... Wen Chen et al, Continuous-Wave Frequency Upconversion with a Molecular Optomechanical Nanocavity, Science (2021).

Astronomers find new clues regarding the origin of gold

Mining Dot Com 02 Dec 2021
Nearly massless neutrinos play a key role in this process, as they enable the conversion between protons and neutrons ... The spectacular first observation of gravitational waves and electromagnetic radiation originating from a neutron star merger in 2017 suggested that many heavy elements can be produced and released in these cosmic collisions ... Share .

Global Millimeter Wave Technology Market and Revenue Analysis Insights by Latest Trends, Top Key Players, ...

MENA FN 01 Dec 2021
(MENAFN - Comserve) Millimeter Waves, also known as EHF (Extremely High Frequency), are electromagnetic (radio) waves with frequencies of 30GHz and 300GHz and are well suited for 5G networks. With ... .

Physicists create new model to hunt for colliding neutron stars

Technology Org 30 Nov 2021
“Studying the light and electromagnetic waves emitted from these collisions allow us to learn more about them, including how heavy elements are formed and black holes are born,” said Rodrigo Fernández, study co-author and assistant professor in the Department of Physics.

How Would a Modern Jet Fare Against Propeller Planes in WW2?

Interesting Engineering 29 Nov 2021
All forms of electromagnetic radiation transmit energy, and from one medium, or object, to another ... For all other heat sources on Earth, most of this kinetic energy transfer occurs within the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum ... This vibration releases electromagnetic waves that, for most objects we can see, are in the infrared spectrum.

JEE Advanced 2023 syllabus in line with NCERT curriculum and NEP 2020, say experts

Indian Express 28 Nov 2021
The revised syllabus of JEE Advanced 2023 was recently released ... The additions include surface tension of water by capillary method, forced & damped oscillations, Keplar’s laws, geostationary orbits, modulus of rigidity, the second law of thermodynamics, Carnot engine, electromagnetic waves, diffraction and polarisation ... Bombay HC ... Tags ... .

We tried the most hyped-up fitness machines to see if they’re worth the money

Metro UK 27 Nov 2021
Are these worth the money? ... VAHA X ... 45kg ... From HIIT sessions to hill climbs and endurance, this boasts an electromagnetic resistance system that gives a wider resistance range and faster reaction times ... It uses something called PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), which sends electromagnetic waves through your body to help promote the recovery process.

Is Mankind Able to Prevent Abuse of New Technologies Against Democracy and Human Rights?

GlobalResearch 25 Nov 2021
By pulsing electromagnetic waves, the radar system Sura can produce in the ionosphere varying electrical currents and those currents then will produce electromagnetic waves in the frequencies of pulses, which will reach vast areas of the planet. If the pulsing of electromagnetic ...

Sir Eric Ash obituary

The Observer 25 Nov 2021
As Ash put it, surface waves “hug ... His paper on the Super-resolution Aperture Scanning Microscope (Nature, 1972) marked the first experimental demonstration, with electromagnetic waves, of subwavelength resolution imaging – the ability to image objects smaller than the wavelength.

Thermal Imaging Sensors for Fever Detection

Engineering Times 22 Nov 2021
But what are thermal imaging sensors, and how do thermal imaging cameras let us measure core body temperature from a distance? Thermal imaging sensors are microelectromechanical system (MEMS) chips that include an array of detectors sensitive to impinging long-wave infrared electromagnetic radiation (LWIR), in the range of 8- to 14-µm wavelengths ... .

Making waves

Otago Daily Times 21 Nov 2021
Prof Robert Jack. Photo. Supplied. Hope, fear and radio waves. On the eve of the 5G revolution, Bruce Munro gallops through a century of electromagnetic aspirations, conspiracies and often lamentable outcomes ... .

NASA's Laser Communications Relay Demonstration: 6 things you need to know

Phys Dot Org 18 Nov 2021
LCRD leverages the power of laser communications, which uses infrared light rather than radio waves, to encode and transmit information to and from Earth. Both radio waves and laser infrared light waves are forms of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths at different points on the spectrum.