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For great space heating, try the best Mr. Heater products

Sun Sentinel 22 Feb 2024
https.// ... Mr ... Infrared heaters emit electromagnetic waves. These waves warm human bodies as well as objects such as walls, floors and furniture, just as the sun’s rays heat the Earth ... Fuel types.

Accurate quantitative analysis of information loss from digital metasurfaces caused by mutual coupling

Phys Dot Org 21 Feb 2024
We compare the differential entropy of dependent distributed currents with that of independent and identically ones, and the difference between them indicates the information loss of converting digital signals into electromagnetic waves," Wu says.

China Has Designed A New Stealth Aircraft That Uses Plasma

IFL Science 20 Feb 2024
plasma ... As the electromagnetic waves – in the case of radar, radio waves – propagate to the plasma, they move the charged particles about and deliver energy to them. So in principle, you could have a plasma that absorbs all of your radio waves ... [H/T ... .

ISSCC: Steerable ultrasound energy beam powers on-brain electronics

Eweekly 20 Feb 2024
Thin umbilical cables to the scull tend to be the answer ... How much better to cross this gap wirelessly – which is what researchers are trying to do ... Because it transfers power in this environment more efficiently than electromagnetic waves ... .

Wood you believe it? Japanese satellite made out of timber is set to launch this ...

The Daily Mail 19 Feb 2024
Japanese scientists have swapped aluminium for timber in a new satellite design planned to launch this summer ... READ MORE ... Wood does not block electromagnetic radiation, including the radio waves that are used to communicate with satellites in orbit ... .

People urged to watch 'Dimming' video

TDT News 18 Feb 2024
... grid to the prolonged heat wave and extreme drought of the summer and fall of 2023 which has left Lake Belton at a record low ... chemtrails and electromagnetic wave induced HAARP clouds need to stop.

Why does Omaha have so many water-main breaks and what is MUD doing about it?

Omaha World-Herald 18 Feb 2024
Another tool, called PICA (Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis), can detect weaknesses in the pipe by sending out electromagnetic waves while floating inside the water main.

Lab study creates artificial magnetosphere to explore spontaneous excitation of chorus emissions

Phys Dot Org 16 Feb 2024
Electromagnetic waves of a chorus emission have the potential to further accelerate hot electrons to higher energy states, leading to the formation of aurorae and satellite failures.

Global Smart Weapons Strategic Research Report 2024: What Are They & What's the Outlook for ...

Tyler Morning Telegraph 16 Feb 2024
MARKET TRENDS & DRIVERSAs the World Steps Up Military Spending in the Wake of the Russia Ukraine War, Smart Weapons Are Poised to Benefit from the Unfortunate State of Global Geo-Political ...

Novel optical metamaterial may make true one-way glass a reality

New Atlas 15 Feb 2024
Without getting too ‘physics-y,’ the NME effect implies that the magnetization and polarization properties of a material are linked to the different components of light or other electromagnetic waves.


Malaysian National News Agency 15 Feb 2024
Tharek, who is also an advisor for the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Academy, said 5G uses electromagnetic wave with higher frequencies than previous wireless networks, making it faster and more efficient.

A new optical metamaterial makes true one-way glass possible

Phys Dot Org 14 Feb 2024
The NME effect implies a link between specific properties of the material (its magnetization and polarization) and the different field components of light or other electromagnetic waves.

Walk in rhythm with Christ, our Lord

Lockhart Post-Register 14 Feb 2024
All around us energy is manifesting itself through different frequency types, from sound waves to light waves to electromagnetic radio and microwaves ... I don’t have to see sound waves to hear their effect.

Genome sequencing unveils mutational impacts of radiation on mammalian cells

Phys Dot Org 14 Feb 2024
Radiation, whether in the form of high-energy particles or electromagnetic waves, is conventionally known to break our cellular DNA, leading to cancer and genetic disorders ... Their study, led by joint first authors Drs ... Ju at KAIST ... Dr ... More information.

Terahertz spatiotemporal wave synthesis in random systems

Phys Dot Org 13 Feb 2024
Yet in photonics, this is very uncommon as the electric field (the quantity that oscillates in electromagnetic waves) is not generally measurable for light, where the commonly accessed quantity through photodetector is the intensity.