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Fact check: Claim about health effects of AirPods and other Bluetooth earphones is missing context

Yahoo Daily News 11 Aug 2022
Like most wireless devices, AirPods use radiofrequency waves – a type of radiation – to communicate ... 7, 2015, What is Radiation? The Electromagnetic Spectrum ... International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety, Oct ... 9, 2021, No, AirPods don't transmit dangerously high electromagnetic or radiofrequency waves.

Remcom Broadens Capabilities of Schematic Editor to Support Diplex Matched Antennas in XFdtd� EM Simulation Software

Victoria Advocate 10 Aug 2022
XFdtd's schematic editor is a novel electromagnetic simulation tool that combines matching network analysis with full-wave results, making it ideal for complex antenna design applications involving�multi-state and multi-port aperture or impedance tuners and corporate feed networks with digital phase shifters.

Dark matter: An invisible glue that may not even exist

Indian Express 10 Aug 2022
Scientists say that the reason we are unable to see or detect this invisible matter is that it does not interact with electromagnetic forces — things like visible light, X-ray or radio waves.Advertisement ... It can’t interact with light or electromagnetism.

Confronting One World Order (OWO) Globalism. The Rise and Fall of the Beast

GlobalResearch 10 Aug 2022
Through these electromagnetic waves, they may access our brains ... To enhance the Green Agenda, the Climate Change narrative, Southern European countries – Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Italy as well as the transatlantic United States are plagued by extreme heat waves, ever-so-often interrupted by deadly flash-floods.

Is Radiative Heat Transfer a Resonance Phenomenon Between Bodies?

Principia Scientific 09 Aug 2022
Based on electromagnetic wave resonance under deterministic finite precision computation, taking the form Q=σ(T4A−T4B), (1) ... Is radiative heat transfer carried by electromagnetic waves or particles/photons? An answer that it is both is no good ... waves instead of particle statistics.

Guest column: Communication Corner: Trees, air and the debate over regulating Big Tech

Victoria Advocate 09 Aug 2022
The medium that carries broadcast and wireless communications is the air – or rather, the electromagnetic spectrum. Though electromagnetic waves vary from infinitely short to infinitely long, only a finite portion is usable for electronic communications ... Since usable waves are ...

3D Study of “Gigantic Jet” Provides New Insights into Upward Lightning Bursts

Technology Org 09 Aug 2022
Electric discharge during a thunderstorm. Image credit ... Steve Cummer, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Duke, uses lightning’s electromagnetic waves to study the powerful phenomenon ... The gigantic jets could also affect technologies such as over-the-horizon radars that bounce radio waves off the ionosphere ... Source. Georgia Tech.

NUCLEAR: Cost-effective and clean energy

B & FT Online 09 Aug 2022
The very first paragraph of the article reads. “A new energy economy is emerging around the world as solar, wind, electric vehicles and other low-carbon technologies flourish ... Confirmation ... Table 1 Solar power production in the top five countries Countries ... On the other hand, gamma-rays are photons, which are electromagnetic energy waves ... NOTE ... ....

Global Smart Weapons Market Trajectory & Analytics Report 2022 -

Eagle-Tribune 09 Aug 2022
MARKET TRENDS & DRIVERSAs the World Steps Up Military Spending in the Wake of the Russia Ukraine War, Smart Weapons Are Poised to Benefit from the Unfortunate State of Global Geo-Political AffairsGermany's Historic Military Investments in 2022 Exemplifies the Prevailing ...

New information on 'gigantic jet' lightning bursts that reach toward space

Phys Dot Org 08 Aug 2022
The research is reported Aug. 3 in Science Advances. Steve Cummer, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Duke, uses the electromagnetic waves that lightning emits to study the powerful phenomenon ... The gigantic jets could also affect technologies such as over-the-horizon radars that bounce radio waves off the ionosphere ... Explore further.

Mars rover audio reveals different rules for sound on the Red Planet

Astronomy 04 Aug 2022
Fields such as astronomy and astrophysics have long surveyed outer space using the electromagnetic spectrum — from gamma rays to radio waves and everything in between ... Although we use sound waves here on Earth to map the ocean floor, infer wind patterns, track lightning, and ...

Ogundele: 5G Rollout Will Boost Nigeria’s Socio-economic Ecosystem

This Day 04 Aug 2022
In Nigeria, some people still fear that 5G will cause more harm than good in relation to its electromagnetic wave, which many believed could cause health hazard ... with radio wave exposure from either mobile phones or radio base stations complying with international limits.

Speeding on the Internet Highway!

Sify 03 Aug 2022
Radio waves have been used for wireless communication for 120 years and we use them for radio and TV broadcasting, for communication in mobile networks and for WiFi. Radio waves are, just as light, a kind of electromagnetic waves. Radio waves have much lower frequencies than light, ...

What is Airplane Mode, what does it do, and why do we need it?

Indian Express 03 Aug 2022
Explained ... Sajjid Chinoy ... The reason why the airline staff request to turn our electronic devices off completely, or put them on airplane mode is something to do with smartphones and other wireless devices that emit radio waves and electromagnetic interference (EMI) which can potentially interfere with an aircraft’s communication devices ... Tags ... .

Electric Jaguars will be tested to prevent them disrupting household appliances

The Daily Telegraph 02 Aug 2022
Electric cars are more at risk of radio wave interference because they operate at higher voltages with more current, which can deliver a stronger electromagnetic field ... “Some radar systems on the cars are working on the electromagnetic radio spectrum, autonomous adaptive cruise control has a radar in front of the car.” ... Related Topics ... Twitter Icon ... .

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